• Elliott House, 1 Molyneux, Marylebone, London

  • Elliott House, 1 Molyneux, Marylebone, London

  • CLIENT: C Field Construction
  • VALUE: £1.8 Million
  • DATE: 1st November 2017
  • LOCATION: Marylebone,London

OBR Construction Ltd have been awarded the RC package for Elliott House, Marylebone for C Field Construction. Work Commence November 2017 with a completion of the concrete works anticipated for May 2018.

The project is a private development in the residential area of Marylebone Central London, involving the construction of 32 luxury apartments on top of a treble basement. The project is located on a residential street and nestled between 2 listed residential buildings which are being supported temporarily as the new structure is formed.

The structural scope of works involves the installation of a secant piled wall, excavation of 6,500 m3 of material to a depth of 13m from street level, temporary propping to support the adjoining structures along the with a waterproof RC basement box and frame construction to 6 floors above ground level.

The basement will hold the plant and storage rooms for the building, along with car parking facilities with cars being stored 3 high using specialist mechanical car stackers with access to the basement provide by a car lift.