• CLIENT: Trant Construction
  • VALUE: £0.3M
  • DATE: March 2014 - July 2014
  • LOCATION: Buncefield

Buncefield Aviation Storage Terminal

OBR Construction has been engaged by Trant Construction to work together with them and their partner AMEC on British Pipeline Agency Limited (BPA) re-construction of Buncefield Aviation Storage Terminal; this project represents one of BPA’s biggest projects in 30 years – for OBR the project involves the construction of 5 circular reinforced tank beams of 40m diameter and 3 number of 10m diameter, 2,000m of reinforced concrete walls, 12,000m2 of reinforced concrete slabs and numerous reinforced concrete culverts. The new facilities will be built to the highest safety and environmental standards and will re-instate Buncefield Terminal to its strategic role of supplying aviation fuel to Heathrow and Gatwick airports”.